It was so much fun to be part of Jason and Michael’s day at Ball’s Falls. We made them as a little surprise and bonus extra.

The ending of this video shows why sometimes photography isn’t enough to truly capture the day.


After the engagement video I did for April and Mike out in San Francisco they asked for me to do a highlight video of their wedding day, while also doing my regular photo coverage.
The was more of a personal challenge to see if I could edit the video over dinner to have the video ready to show at 9pm.

Doing full photography and video coverage as one person has been something I’ve spent the past 2 years trying to get perfect. It started as way to push myself creatively, and begin to discover something new. I quickly realized that while photography is the correct tool for a lot of scenarios, video captures energy in a different way. I think that the proper way to tell the story of a wedding day is through the use of both. So here is Friday’s wedding video/photos from NithRidge Estate in Ayr.

Lindsay and Quy put together a day that was so much fun to capture. This was my first time out at NithRidge Estate in Ayr, and everyone loved it. Beautiful place, and fantastic staff.

If you want to share just the video you can use this link:

nithridge estate wedding