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What If Conference

What If Conference // Cabo

The What If Conference is the Grand Canyon of photography(/artistpreneur) events. I say this because, it’s impossible to convey theView full post »


About 45 photographers ended up in Cabo for It has honestly been the most amazing experience — I’ll do aView full post »

LA Engagement Session

How random life is: Anna emails me on Thursday while I’m sitting at the airport – they’re getting married in TorontoView full post »

Photos with Casie Stewart in Vegas

Casie is (according to my television) a pro blogger. She is also a super hero. We took some pictures. These are her homes on theView full post »

Random Snapshots from New Zealand

I went to Sydney, and Queenstown New Zealand a few months ago. Queenstown NZ is for sure my favorite place I’ve found on earth soView full post »