Random Snapshots from New Zealand

I went to Sydney, and Queenstown New Zealand a few months ago.

Queenstown NZ is for sure my favorite place I’ve found on earth so far.
Travel tips:
– stay at the Novotel if you can. It’s right on the beach, and amazing. Also all of the hostels are also fantastic if you’re that type of traveler.
– if your phone is unlocked, hop into Vodaphone and grab a $30 prepaid SIM (incl data and talk/unlimited texts) hotel internet is expensive.
– thing to do: Fergburger. Go up the gondola in the city. Take one of the boat rides. Do a Lord of the Rings tour even if you don’t like the movies.

  • Kasia Kalat - I knew you would love NZ!!! It’s one of a kind. Now next time you come you need to make sure to come to the North Island so we can show you around 🙂 These photos are amazing – as always. You have a true gift for capturing the moment. You are my photograph hero!

  • Taylor Jackson - Aww thanks! 🙂 I’ll for sure have more time to come visit next time!

  • Crystal Adair-Bennin - I just had a “holy crap I miss this place so much” moment from your photos. Beautiful job, Taylor!

  • Taylor Jackson - Posting this game me the same feeling. I miss it lots. I think you’ll see NZ again before I will be again.