Hey! It’s been a little while since the last update. It’s a positive problem – it’s because photography life has gotten really busy.

2015 was the best year of my life. Here’s what has happened since I last updated:

Got engaged to the girl of my dreams!

Started a travel show!

Came back from Italy!

Photographed a lot of amazing weddings!

Photographed lots of engagement photos!

And a few more weddings!

Flew on a helicopter with no doors over New York City!

Went to Kyoto with Lindsay!

And Hong Kong!

And back to New York City!

Then I went to Chernobyl, which was a bit weird.

And photographed some more weddings!

Went heli snowboarding

Client gifted Lindsay and I court side tickets to the Raptors!

Went to Hawaii and photographed live volcanos!

Saw some ridiculous places

Went back to Italy!

Photographed some more weddings!

Filmed an important episode of the travel show in Israel and Palestine:

Started filming a new documentary, and drove 3 vintage Porsches from San Francisco all the way home to Kitchener:

Filmed at the Grand Canyon

And took a bunch of pictures in Chicago

Filmed a few weddings close to home:

Then yesterday photographed one of my favourite weddings ever!

Heres one more from it:

A lot of other things happened as well.
Looking forward to summer ’16!