Hey! It’s been a little while since the last update. It’s a positive problem – it’s because photography life has gotten really busy.

2015 was the best year of my life. Here’s what has happened since I last updated:

Got engaged to the girl of my dreams!

Started a travel show!

Came back from Italy!

Photographed a lot of amazing weddings!

Photographed lots of engagement photos!

And a few more weddings!

Flew on a helicopter with no doors over New York City!

Went to Kyoto with Lindsay!

One last one from #kyoto #japan with @lcoulterphoto #fushimi. #travel #photographers

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And Hong Kong!

And back to New York City!

Then I went to Chernobyl, which was a bit weird.

And photographed some more weddings!

Went heli snowboarding

Client gifted Lindsay and I court side tickets to the Raptors!

@lcoulterphoto And I had some amazing seats at the @raptors game last night. #sports

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Went to Hawaii and photographed live volcanos!

Saw some ridiculous places

Went back to Italy!

Heading back to #positano later today for @lcoulterphoto's birthday! ✈️ happy birthday my love! #travel #italy

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Photographed some more weddings!

Filmed an important episode of the travel show in Israel and Palestine:

Started filming a new documentary, and drove 3 vintage Porsches from San Francisco all the way home to Kitchener:

Filmed at the Grand Canyon

And took a bunch of pictures in Chicago

Filmed a few weddings close to home:

Then yesterday photographed one of my favourite weddings ever!

Heres one more from it:

A lot of other things happened as well.
Looking forward to summer ’16!