I have so much fun when friends I knew in high school, college, and/or pre-school contact me to photograph their wedding. It’s really interesting to spend a day documenting people you grew up with.

Lisa and Scott were married at Scott’s parents property in Cambridge. This house was a usual weekend stopping point on the way to downtown Guelph, where most of my high school friends ended up going to school. This was the first time I had been inside in daylight. It is a beautiful home, and I’m so happy that it is where they chose to have their wedding.

I was there for both video and photo. Here is the video.

It was also Chelsea and Mark‘s 1 year minus 1 day anniversary. I photographed their wedding last year. I hope these yearly reunions start becoming a thing.

I was out in Lake Louise for a few engagement sessions after our Calgary film premiere for Startup Community. I’ve found a few favorite roads around the world, and the drive from Calgary to Lake Louise is certainly on that short list. I met up with my friend Eric that took us to go see the train tunnels that were blasted into the mountains, and a natural bridge that the water tunneled under.

There’s a video of the entire adventure posted below if you’d like to watch! After this it was off to Kelowna for Amanda and Devon’s wedding! That post will come soon.

Here are a few photos!