Welcome To The Blog

  • Becky Sloan - Hi Taylor, beautiful work as always! Keep up the fantastic work!!!

  • Lindsey - So excited to have you photograph our wedding! It’s been amazing to see the growth in your work over the past year, glad we got you when we did!

  • Taylor Jackson - Thanks so much Becky and Lindsey! I’m so excited for both of your weddings. And you two just might be my most loyal blog-followers – your fruit baskets are in the mail 🙂

  • Jordan - Taylor is one of the most calm, confident people I’ve ever met. I’ve done 4 shoots with the guy over 3 years and he surpasses himself time and time again. Whenever I get hitched, I’m calling him.

  • Lil - I’m pre-booking you for my wedding. Say sometime in 2012? Gotta find a boy first.

  • Andy - I’m totally dragging you and the girlfriend to Morocco when I get hitched. Seriously.

  • Amber Claire - Ooo spiffy new layout! I like.

  • Tami El Sombati - Love your pictures, you’re insanely talented. Best!

  • Taylor Jackson - Thanks for the kind words everyone 🙂

  • Richard Harbridge - I notice you didn’t go with SharePoint for your blog engine. Looks great though. 🙂

  • Jess - Love the blog — just came across it the other day. It’s great to see a local photographer doing the things you’re doing. Keep up the great work.

  • Jamie Valladares - You have a great consistent style, and a beautiful eye for storytelling!

  • JessieB - How am I just finding out about you now?! Had no idea such talent existed in Kitchener. Incoming email..

  • Jai - LOVE your photos!!!

  • Nikki Rae - I really like your wedding stuff, but I really really really like your travel photos. Let me know if you’re ever out in the Vancouver area

  • Richard deSol - Hey Taylor, great meeting you last week. Your photography is wonderful, best of luck in the future!

  • Laura - Hey Taylor! Can’t wait for you to photograph our wedding in a couple of months! So excited! I KNOW we chose the right person! 🙂

  • Brad J - Taylor, we LOVE what you’ve posted! We Can’t Wait to see the rest of them!!!!!!!
    Great Job!

  • Brooke - You guys are friggin amazing!!! We had so many compliments about the “photo booth” at our wedding and there is no doubt there there will be many about our wedding photos…can’t wait to see them! Kate thanks for doing our make-up. Taylor – best photographer ever!

  • norma hergott - I am Jerrid’s mother of Jess and Jerrid’s wedding.
    These are some of the most beautiful photos I have seen. I am a huge fan of black and white and casual shots…I am very impressed. Thank you for the excellent work. Not only are your photos wonderful, you work so quietly, so professionally. All the beautiful shots and you were never in anyone’s face, never overly anxious about a shot (not so we could see) Amazing work, great pictures of the kids and that is not easy. I will and have highly recommended you to all the people I have had the opportunity to show your web site. Thank you for putting them on. All the work on here is outstanding. You have a brilliant career ahead of you. I’ll be able to say we knew you when. Thank you.

    Norma Hergott

  • Janice - Love your intoduction video! Who did it?

    (I’m Danielle’s chauffeur. I met you at her shoot yesterday =)

  • Taylor Jackson - My friend Mark made it for me! He’s beyond fabulous at the whole video thing!

  • Taylor Jackson - Thanks again for all the nice words! They truly mean a lot

  • Jen - Hey Taylor, I just discovered your site today. Awesome work!!!

  • taylor jackson - nice name!

  • Dan Campbell - Oh my goodness you made my kids look like little models. You did a really good job man. Well done.

  • susan jacobs - Talent comes in many shapes and sizes…..doing what you are passionate about is the key to personal happiness and success.

    You talent is incredible and your passion evident in every snap you take.

    I am sharing your business link on my fbook business page (Personal Style Consulting) and Taylor I invite you to become a fan. I am merging my old fbook page to this address.

    As an image consultant, I am always looking to cover every aspect of my clients’ most important day. I would be absolutely delighted to refer you to all of my clients as well as my image consultant colleagues.