Justine & Mike | Oliphant Pavilion – Ontario (Bruce County)

As far as crazy (beautiful/awesome) weddings go – this one takes the cake. I started the 3 hour drive to Oliphant (West of Wiarton / North of Sauble) with my good buddy Tyler Bertrand, who I had invited to come along for the day. I’m glad he came along, as now I have a fellow industry professional to vouch for some of the things that happened that day.

Before the ceremony we headed out to a beautiful water location along Lake Huron. It felt like a Caribbean location – nothing close to Ontario. After a few minutes with them, we headed to the girls place. The salon / makeup was all done on a full size RV that has been converted into a salon.

From there..we headed back to the lake with the girls….
They said they wanted to go to a place called Lonely Man Island…little did we know that they had to walk there through 2.5 feet of water to get there. The dresses came up, and without warning, they headed into the water. I’ve never seen anything like it, and I’m so happy they chose me to photograph their wedding.

After that, it was off to the ceremony in some classic cars. The rain clouds rolled in for an afternoon sun shower, and it poured until Justine started to walk down the aisle. Such perfect timing.

At some point during our walk, we came across a trampoline, and Justine did a few backflips in her wedding dress.

We had free reign of the city for photos, and eventually headed to The Oliphant Pavilion for the reception. It’s an old dance hall, that had been restored to its original look after years and years.

Here are some photos from the amazing day:

  • Andrew Sorlie - Seriously beautiful work here Taylor. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bride upside down in the air before!!!! Truly remarkable photography.

  • Taylor Jackson - Thanks so much Andrew! I can honestly say, I probably won’t ever see another bride go upside down on her wedding day! Haha

  • Tricia Stinner - Taylor Jackson,
    I know this place well, my family has been summering here for just about 100 years. We have a place on Smokehouse Island. I tried for years to get my daughter to consider a wedding in Oliphant but she opted for central Pennsylvania this past September.
    Knowing the local well I want to compliment you on your work. You captured the essence of the place and did a wonderful job with the wedding/wedding party. Beautiful! Mike and Justine chose the right place.

  • Candice - Hi, you did a great job with these pics… so gorgeous! I am getting married in the same pavillion in Oliphant in June 2013…. what are your prices? Thank you 🙂