Huge List of Photography Answers

– I will be the one that photographs your wedding day. I’ll also be the one designing your album, editing your photographs, and responding to your emails/phone calls.

– I would say that I’m a blend between contemporary, photojournalism, and traditional. I try to keep everyone from grandparents, to modern artists happy.

– I spend a great deal of time editing your photos after the wedding –somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 hours. And you will receive a mixture of colour, sepia, and black and white photos. If I feel that the colour is too distracting, and pulls the attention from you (the bride) then I will likely make the photo black and white, or sepia toned.

– I consider 10 hours to be the full day. At our first meeting we can discuss timelines, and if it looks a little tight, I will consider bumping the 10 hours to 12 hours at no extra charge.
I am usually there from when you’re getting ready, until the first dances, or cake cut –whichever comes last. This is what I consider a full day of coverage.

– My package includes only myself. If you are interested in hiring another dedicated photographer for your day, contact me, and I will see who is talented and available on your day.

– For bigger weddings, usually 190+ guests, I will always bring an assistant. Any other weddings are on a case by case basis. Let me know if you’d like to request an assistant or second photographer.

– I shoot all Nikon digital equipment. I have backups, and backups for backups – at least 2 of everything imaginable. I also carry a Tide-to-Go pen…just in case.

– There is some travel included with each of my packages. For custom packages, travel is 35cents a km outside of the Kitchener area.

– All of my packages come with an online gallery. From this gallery, family and friends can view, and purchase photos from your wedding. The photos will be shipped directly to whoever purchases them.

– I am yours for the day. There are no extra charges for extra locations, or any short travel.

– I will set you up with a website gallery where family and friends can view and purchase your photos. All of your photos will come on a high resolution CD, and you can print them whenever, and wherever you wish.

– I try to include a CD/DVD with every package I create. They are high resolution photos that you are able to print from at any time, and you should expect your CD within two weeks after your wedding day.

– Absolutely. I generally have customization to all of my packages. The packages and prices are just a starting point.

– I love love love my high end coffee table book, and will love it too. I also have slimmer, more moderately priced books. I can provide you with custom parent albums, and pocket brag books as well. I do all of the designing myself, and will show you what your album looks like before I get it printed. I generally let you make 4 or 5 modifications to the album after I’ve completed it.

– Anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months, depending on how extravagant you go. Bigger books generally take longer to design, and longer to bind.

– I take unlimited photographs on your wedding day. This usually averages about 500 keeper photographs on a 7 hour day.
Kitchener Wedding Photographer