The day American Idol purchased one of my photographs

Every month I sell about 1000 stock photos around the internet, and every now and then I get an email from a designer saying that they used one of my photos.
One evening I happened to get an email on behalf of a company working for Fox Entertainment Inc.
They purchased my photo off a stock site, and sent me a link to a final design containing my image:

They licensed the photo for print, TV, and billboard use. Sadly none of the billboards were scheduled to appear in Canada – I guess it is American Idol.
I told friends and family to watch out for the image on TV, and a few of them reported back seeing it over about a 6 month period last year.

So that’s the story. Not as exciting as many would hope..but it is pretty funny that one of the main pieces of American Idol advertising was a photo that I took in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at the Docks.
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