Distillery District Engagement Photos | Sasa and Kasia

I know a lot of photographers say it, but I’m going to argue them all, and say that I definitely have the best couples in the whole entire world. Sasa and Kasia are world travelers, and probably two of the most interesting people I’ve ever met – and I know I’ve only scratched the surface of who they really are.

Going to start off with a video of 173 of the photos we took over the 54 minutes we were together yesterday afternoon. Taken in the Distillery area of Toronto.






In case you missed the Honk 4 Love reference:















  • Jess - OMG! I love these two! Beautiful work

  • Jenn - These pics are so adorable! I want to be their friend.

  • Jennifer Stewart - Was it raining too?

  • Taylor Jackson - Thanks 🙂 and yes, it was raining for a few minutes in there

  • Christine - Hands down the best e-shoot you’ve ever done. Also, bubbles win!

  • Jennifer Ballard - I love these! Absolutely adorable! Great song too!

  • Miriam - Love the pictures with the glass pane! And the signs are so creative 🙂

  • Joee - dude, you totally outdid yourself ! My cheeks are so sore from smiling through the whole slideshow ! Awesome work, as usual ! If you need a second for this wedding, I’d love to come out for this one. I can only imagine this is going to be the most FUN wedding ever !

  • ARP - What a fun couple!! LOVELOVELOVE!

  • Jo-Anne Kyle - Great shots! So much energy, creativity and fun. I want one of those bubble shooters! No, wait, I want two.

  • stacey - DUDE that was awesome!!!!

  • Carlos Bruno - THE MOST BEAUTIFUL session I EVER saw!

  • Big Orange Designs - You’ve got mad skills man, wicked mad skills!

  • Dan Gin - LOVE the running in the rain shot. Fantastic job shooting such an animated couple!

  • Karen Byker - AWESOME!!!

  • Carli Rota - These are beautiful, those signs are amazing!! I did a masters course with Kasia and she is not only gorgeous but super brilliant too…what a weird coincidence to see them on your blog!! Best best wishes to the happy couple!! 🙂

  • patti m - Just brilliant Taylor! cutest couple ever… the images jump off the page with their love and insane cuteness! Love the song you used with their video, mind if I ask what is is/who’s it by?? SO fun!! Merci bien! 🙂

  • Taimi K. - i love these pictures. kasia and sasa have been together for soooo long and i’m super happy for them! these pictures are amazing! they’re both just gorgeous people, inside and out. ♥♥♥

  • amanda - how stinking charming! I love the signs, so creative, looks like a super fun couple to work with!