Clay and Glass Gallery Wedding Waterloo | Lauren & Chris

Lauren and Chris picked a perfect day for their wedding. The ceremony was up in Elmira at Trinity United Church, and the reception followed at the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery in Waterloo. I’ve had the opportunity to shoot in Uptown Waterloo so much over this past year – but never once a wedding. The Clay and Glass Gallery may just have the best location for photos in the entire city, you have everything from cool architecture, to grungy alleys, to Waterloo park, all within a few minutes of walking.

Here are a few images from the day!

Wedding Dress hanging in St. Jacobs Ontario

Waterloo Park Wedding Photography

Waterloo Park September Wedding

Seagram Lofts Kitchener Waterloo

Uptown Waterloo Wedding Photographs

Orange wall in uptown waterloo bride and groom

bridal couple photo train tracks crossing King St. in Waterloo

Waterloo town square romantic wedding photograph

Kissing up against Waterloo Town Square

Wedding Cake - Clay and Glass Gallery Waterloo

Clay and Glass Gallery Waterloo - Decorated for a wedding

  • Anika - The pictures are lovely, wonderful to see the old architecture of old uptown waterloo!
    Do you have any idea how the couple got the glass and clay museum for their reception? and any idea how many people they were able to seat?
    any help would be appreciated,

  • Taylor Jackson - They Anika, they used to have a full listing of details on their website, but it seems to have disappeared – I’m sure they’d still do weddings though – might be best to give them a call! Happy Planning, Taylor