Chris and Heather in Waterloo

It’s not often that I’m contacted by the groom first. Sure, it happens, but it’s not every day.

Chris contacted me in 2008, and we got talking – turns out he is quite the photographer himself. Before he moved to Ottawa, he was the music photographer in the 519 area. He sent me a link to his old work, and sure enough, I’ve seen many of the photos posted on light posts promoting upcoming shows.

Heather assigned a few of the weddings tasks to Chris; photography was one of them. They managed to land the Centre in the Square as their venue, and I’m really excited to see what we can create there. I’ve never had an A/V tech at my control wedding day before.

I’ve just started editing through the photos, but so far this one here is my favorite – it just has a fun, playful charm to it.

engagement photography waterloo ontario

  • Stephen Harper - Best wishes Chris and Heather.

    R.Hon Stephen Harper