Canon G10 – Point and Shoot in Santa Monica

First off, I’m going to start by saying – California really does have the nicest light I’ve ever come across. I’m not sure what it is – the sun just looks better out here.
As a photographer, I get asked a lot for a camera recommendation. First on my list is usually a Canon G10 or G11. Everyone seems to want an excuse to purchase a new Canon or Nikon DSLR (and I don’t blame them – they’re fantastic cameras!) but the age old saying is true – a great camera won’t make you a great photographer. A camera is a tool – a good camera can make life easier when attempting to execute a vision, or maybe bail you out of a tight no-light situation, but it won’t help you see light, compose a good shot, or relax your subject.

Here’s a bunch of shots that came off of my point and shoot yesterday. The Canon G10 is a little bit of a high end p&s (or was – it’s since been discontinued and replaced with the G11) but I found mine on eBay for $250.
Everything was shot on manual mode, and the background blur was achieved by using macro mode.
The second bonus to having a point and shoot, is that you can bring it everywhere. It’s hard to carry around a big SLR everywhere you go (and sometimes unsafe) but a good point and shoot can go anywhere.
The only thing that beats it, is my iPhone (currently under maintenance – will return sometime next week) because it is with me everywhere. You can even get a free Photoshop app for your iPhone – or pick up Chase Jarvis’ Bestcam app.

Here’s a shot of Lori (The Caketress) on the beach before we found dinner. (Dinner may have been at 4:15pm, since we’re still on EST)
Canon G10 - background blur

Oh- for the dinner story, we attempted to go to the restaurant from I Love You Man in Venice (Where Jason Segal claims they have the best fish tacos) but sadly, the kitchen didn’t open until 6pm. So we headed to Santa Monica and ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co — which is a brilliant place to eat, as I’m allergic to shellfish, and their menu items are about 10:1 shrimp items to non-shell fish items.

And here’s a few shots of the Bayside Hotel in Santa Monica where we’re staying. Right across the street from the Pacific Ocean, and 2 blocks from the Santa Monica Pier.
Bayside Hotel Santa Monica California

Canon G10 - Bayside Hotel Santa Monica

Canon G10 - clock

Canon G10

Canon G10

Canon G10

Canon G10

  • Chris Inch - Also of note: There is a relatively cheap underwater housing available for the Canon G10 that can go as deep as 130ft, which is great if you are into any type of underwater photography. I’m taking mine to the Cayman Islands this week.

    Nice snaps.

  • Erika & Ryan - I looove these images!
    they have inspired me to bring out ye olde g9.
    Have fun you 2!