Wedding Magazines!

Hey all, a few wedding magazines ran some of my awesome couples weddings.

First up we have Brittany and Brad’s (middle) wedding at the amazing Hacienda Sarria in Weddingbells, as well a shot from last issue of Marilyn and Dan (right) (Please note, I didn’t shoot the cover image. It’s just there so you know what magazine to buy off the stands)

Justine and Mike ended up in The Wedding Ring magazine earlier this year too!

Next up we have the fantastic Tyler and Chris from the Carlu in Today’s Bride. (Again, same deal with the cover image)

The winter is fairly quiet, but we’re off to the Caribbean next week for a destination wedding. So there will be some warm on the blog again really soon.

  • Chris Giles - I love it, but how on earth do you get your foot in the door with these guys.

    I’m in Sussex (UK) and it seems very closed off to new photographers even if the wedding photography is stunning.
    They either seem too busy to take your call or have too many other things to be doing!

  • Juan Rojo - Congratulations on getting published on both magazines!