Rebel Creek Golf Course | Jess and Jerrid’s Wedding

Yesterday, Jess and Jerrid were married at Rebel Creek Golf Course (1517 Snyders Road in Petersburg – just outside of Kitchener.

Let’s just say the day started out with a less than favorable hurricane – not the greatest thing to happen when you’re planning on an outdoor ceremony later that day. The girls watched as chairs blew about the balcony, and hoped the weather would pass. After a few minutes (hours?) of being glued to the weather channel the clouds cleared. The weather network said we were in for another late afternoon thunderstorm…but that never really happened – we did get a bit of rain over the first course of dinner, but nothing tragic.

I met up with the girls at Puslinch Lake, in one of the nicest houses I’ve ever been in. It wasn’t so much the physical house that makes it an amazing place, it’s the backyard – which happened to be beautiful water, big fluffy clouds, and a blue sky. The place is more of an experience really. Boathouse, docks, the whole bit.

Oh, I didn’t even mention, but Jess is Kate’s sister – and Kate was the maid of honour! Needless to say, I met a lot of her family. Who are all awesome, by the way.

On to the photos:

The girls getting ready.

Puslinch Lake

Jess getting her necklace done up

Kate curling Roslyn’s (Jess’ daughter) hair

Roslyn almost ready to go

Ceremony at Rebel Creek

Roslyn doing her own thing

The skys got a little dark again

Sitting at the head table

All and all, an excellent day!

  • debbie (brides Mom) - Taylor you are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love Debbie

  • Kate - I found out who that guy was! the one we both thought was a bartender haha

  • Tim May - Those are some serious pearls!