Centre in The Square Wedding | Chris and Heather

What can I say about Chris and Heather’s wedding? It was an amazing day (no rain!) with amazing photo locations (Random fields/Ethel’s!), and by far the nicest reception venue I’ve come across to date (Centre in The Square!)
Chris is a great photographer from up in Ottawa, and I was honored to photograph his wedding. I had some photographic help from Ms. Christine Reid, who was there as a second shooter. She did an amazing job!

La Hacienda Sarria was my favorite Kitchener/Waterloo venue until I came across this gem. I stood near the doors as the first wave of people entered, and watched as everyone’s jaw dropped. Some people seemed so overwhelmed with emotion over how beautiful everything looked. It was amazing.

On to some photos from the day:

Wedding Dress hanging in the doorway

Wedding bouquet

The girls getting ready wedding day


Family on the wedding day

Some final alterations

The groom standing by some corn

The guys walking down a path

Wedding day kiss

Wedding photos at Ethel

More photos at Ethel

Wedding Photography in Waterloo

Chris and Heather in the corner

Bride and Groom playing pool

Church of the Good Shepperd Kitchener Ontario

The brides Dad playing their wedding song

Centre in the Square set up for a wedding

Wedding cake at Centre in the Square Kitchener Ontario

Kitchener Wedding photography

Centre in The Square wedding table decorations

Centre in the Square wedding

First dance at Centre in the Square

Kitchener Wedding Photographer