Wrote a Book on Wedding Photography!

Wedding Photography Book

Hey all! I decided to do something positive with the time I was spending on airplanes, and in airports this year. I wrote a comprehensive guide of everything that I know about wedding photography.

I really want it to become the #1 startup guide that other photographers say to check out when asked ‘How to get into the industry,’ or any other questions people interested in the wedding photography industry might ask — anything from lenses, to business, to social media.

It’s all about laying the proper groundwork for a business that will make you happy in the future. This book will help you create a business that attracts couples that you really get along with, and have fun with.

Beyond that, it’s about creating your ideal lifestyle, as well as portfolio – and using social media (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Etc) to help grow your business.

Check out the main website here – or keep reading. New School Wedding Photographer


The goal with this book was to write the book that I wish I would have had when I was just getting up and running. I’ve taken a lot of workshops over the past few years, and can easily say that you’ll get way more out of this book for the dollar value than any other workshop or seminar – that I’ve attended at least.


Here’s the retail description:

Social media is changing the face of wedding photography. It’s now even easier to get up and running with a little help from Facebook and Twitter.

This is the book to read if you’re just getting started as a wedding photographer. It gives you the groundwork to launch a successful business that you can build from. It also details events of the wedding day, and the basics of how to go about photographing them.

110 pages are broken up into the following sections:
Part 1: Getting Up and Running (FAST!)
Detailed advice on how to set yourself up for success in the future.

Part 2: Shooting
Walk through a wedding day, and remove some uncertainty from the days events. Another perspective on how to professionally photograph a wedding

Part 3: Two Day Workflow
Don’t spend all of your time managing behind the scenes activities, and regain some of your life freedom

Part 4: A Few More Advanced Topics
General information about how to keep your business growing.

Part 5: Advanced Social Media and Online Marketing
Book more weddings by getting smart on the web.


New School Wedding Photographer is written from my experience, and contains information about how I would suggest starting a wedding photography business right now.

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  • PChan - I will buy this just to support my homey.

  • Mark - Do you have a ipad or iphone version of the book? if not, can i buy a pdf version?

  • Taylor Jackson - There will be a Kindle version in the next day or two, and the iBook will follow shortly after!

  • Mark - great! Thats Awesome!! Cant wait!

  • Danielle - Looking forward to reading your new book! Congrats!